Mother Hen Goes Gaga!!!

 Mother Hen tries to be a hip, with-it chick, or whatever it is that they call it these days.

She has survived mini-skirts so short one dared not drink from a school water fountain, lest all the boys see the fountain of youth, endured the agony of repeatedly spraining her delicate ankles falling off of six-inch platform shoes, and even participated in dying her little rooster’s feathers a delightful shade of Smurf blue. She may be an old Mother, but she danced the Hustle with the best of them back in her day.

Many of the unfortunate but hysterically amusing trends MH has observed have since been replicated over time, some becoming positively redundant in their refusal to disappear. She disdainfully refers to the annual re-introduction of the nautical look in spring, plaid patterns in the fall, and animal print fabrics in the winter, as examples of bad trends gone worse through over-use. (Take a hint, fashion mavens!)

Another sad but true reality, is that when an original voice, a true innovator, passes either from public view, or onto that great catwalk in the sky, imitators abound. Mother Hen would calmly and patiently like to explain to subsequent generations that there will only ever be one Coco Chanel, one Marilyn Monroe, and one Audrey Hepburn. Now get busy finding your own icons, you little imposters, and leave ours alone! There, Mother feels much better.

 Similarly, once a great entertainer has reached the vertigo-inducing heights of stardom, then begins to “jump the shark,” as it were, the search for the next great whosit begins. Who will be the next Elvis, the next John Lennon, the next Michael Jackson….well, no one, you silly geese!* If the next big thing was like the last big thing, it would only be the next small thing.

Having gone all the way around for a shortcut, this brings Mother Hen, sorrowfully, to the subject of Lady Gaga. The blasphemous Roman Catholic references, skimpy attire, provocative dancers…hmm, where has Mother Hen seen this all before?

Let Mother state the plain truth here: Lady Gaga is no Madonna, whom she is most evidently trying to be. This woman might as well have named herself Lady Yadayadayada, she is so completely a reiteration of someone who has gone before her.

Is she talented? Undoubtedly. Original? Not a chance. Does she get a lot of attention from being outrageous? Sigh! Even Mother Hen is compelled to write about her. Need more be said?

Gaga dear, take a little advice from an old chick who has been around the barnyard once or twice. Nobody loves a wannabe. Be yourself, or get a new gig.

*with apologies to fracas

7 responses to this post.

  1. No need to apologize to this goose… I couldn’t agree more (and it’s commonly known in Fracskatchewan, that geese are all silly…) She is talented for sure, but it’s not just Madonna’s ‘style’ she copies, but specific imagery from vintage Madonna videos and performances. Why? Because she obviously thinks todays young ‘uns won’t know. I guess Gaga’s never heard of Youtube? 😉

    I never had to worry about baring my fountain of youth… I never drank from those public water fountains. lol. I loves me your writing style! Must check if you’re on my blogroll. I’ve been away a bit (death in the family) but if I haven’t added you, I surely shall!


    • Dear fracas,
      While all other geese may be sillier than pet rocks, Mother Hen is confident that fracas is a goose of considerable good sense. After all, Mother appears on fracas’s blogroll, and if that doesn’t show amazing insight and intelligence…well, of course it does!
      Your sister in fowl behavior,
      Mother Hen


  2. I happened to be doing some work-related research in Bing today and discovered this web site. Needless to say I’ve gotten a tad sidetracked after sticking around to look over a number of your articles. Carry on the great writing and i’m already looking forward to exploring upcoming blog posts. Enjoy the week!


    • Dear Force Factor,
      Congratulations on your apparent good taste and lack of focus! Mother Hen appreciates individuals who are easily distracted by superior reading material…in fact, she absolutely depends on them!
      Thank goodness that humans collectively have the attention span of demented gnats, or Mother would…Ooo, there goes a pretty butterfly!
      As she was writing, before Mother Nature rudely interrupted her thought processes, without the human tendancy to lose concentration with ease, Mother Hen might have to go back to the egg-laying business, which is much harder on one’s posterior.
      Until we meet again,
      Mother Hen


  3. good share, great article, very usefull for us…thank you


  4. Dear mbt shoes,
    Mother Hen wishes to thank you for the fan mail. She would also like to commend your obviously considerable good taste, and invite you back to her nest anytime.
    Your hostess with the mostess,
    Mother Hen


  5. Thanks for this post. -barktlysf


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