On Eggs, Hen-Pecking, and Female Solidarity

It is time for Mother Hen to weigh in on a timeless debate: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

What is her response to this philosophical dilemma?

“What a ridiculous question! Why would any hen with one iota of common sense care?”

There, that matter having been settled, Mother H. moves on to more relevant matters, matters such as obliterating the blatantly stereotypical term “hen-pecked” from the vocabulary of the masses. How did such a “fowl” term ever come to be part of the human language?

Dictionary.com defines hen-pecked as “browbeaten, bullied, or intimidated by one’s wife,” and claims it originated in the late 17th century, while Merrium-Webster.com pins the year at 1671, for no discernable reason.

Oh, well that explains it all! Chickens had such poor PR during the Baroque period.

Let’s get real, people! Have you ever seen a hen chase a rooster around the barnyard? Of course not! We chickens are too busy sitting on our nests keeping our eggs warm. The survival of the species depends on us, you know!

Female humans in the modern era seem intent on eradicating the word hen-pecked as well, which is all well and good, but do they care about how hens are disparaged and maligned by such a derogatory reference? No, they do not! Apparently they are more concerned with the negative connotations of being associated with chickens and pecking and such. Atrocious!

Now, see here you overgrown chickies! Mother Hen is here to set you straight. Hens are proud and noble birds, with a long heritage of serving the human community. Rather than split feathers over who is more damaged by this barbaric word, let us join together in feminine harmony and kick that nasty, bigoted term right out of the dictionary, and then stomp it, and scratch it, and…um, peck…it…uh…maybe not.

Please forgive Mother if she gets in a bit of a flap when the reputation of the entire female gender is at stake.  This is such an emotional issue!

Males of all species, be ye forewarned!  Use the word hen-pecked again, and Mother Hen will show you what a real hen-pecking looks like!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I totally understand how you’d feel… as a goose, you can imagine how I’d feel knowing how the phrase ‘being goosed’ has been given a meaning that tends to make folks a bit leery when I offer the service to them. It’s a shame how we suffer, isn’t it?


  2. Dear Ms. Fracas,
    Yes, indeed, it is a shocking state of affairs when humans can malign perfectly respectible fowl that way, and Ms. Fracas too!
    In addition, Mother H is sick to her gizzard with jokes about chickens crossing the road. Chickens don’t cross roads, people. They ride on trucks, in the back, just as God intended. The nerve of some people!
    Indignantly Yours,
    Mother Hen


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