Sparkle & Sunshine (via I Used To Have Hair)

Mother Hen is a total sucker for romance. MH knows that people don’t think chickens are sentimental creatures, but then Mother is not your everyday chick. Feel free to send her roses, adoring cards, and love notes any time. She won’t mind a bit.
So when MH spotted this darling blog about Mr. Guy and his sweetie, and she got all misty-eyed and ridiculously undignified in the process, she knew that it must be shared with all her readers.
Get out your hankies, ladies! Don’t be like a certain typing chicken and get snot all over your wing, because it is most unbecoming!
Dreamily yours,
Mother Hen

Sparkle & Sunshine Y'know…yesterday Sunshine proclaimed that she had lost her sparkle.  She even suggested on Twitter that I took it with me when I came back home on Monday morning. Well…I'd like to try to give a little bit of her sparkle back. I turned 38 last week and this past weekend Sunshine went out of her way to give me an amazing birthday weekend.  Her and I both aren't rolling in money, so she gave me a "coupon book" that she made herself. Can I be hon … Read More

via I Used To Have Hair


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