The Politics of Bullying

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

What a complete pile of rotting caca!

As Mother Hen contemplates the shameful nastiness that they call campaign ads these days, and the awful news about young people driven to suicide by bullying, she sees a correlation.

Politics is apparently all about bullying. If Politician A calls Politician B a lazy, tax-wasting, unproductive, fat cat with a record as dirty as used kitty litter, Politician B is obliged to then call Politician A a left-wing, terrorist-loving wing-nut who is as squirrelly as a tree-hugging rodent. One wonders if they are also texting insults to each other after school.

When (or perhaps Mother H. should say if) our public officials quit acting like a bunch of snot-nosed punks immature youngsters on the playground, maybe they would get around to campaigning on an actual platform of meaningful policies. MH is still such a cock-eyed optimist at heart!

No wonder, then, that human teenagers have nothing better to do than torture each other in their free time. There must be quite a few senators-in-training striding through the halls of academic institutions these days.

Now how on earth are we to convince the young folks that it is wrong to slander their peers when the so-called leaders of the Western world are flinging more mud than a litter of piglets in spring?

Mother Hen not only denounces the behavior of these over-grown juvenile delinquents  naughty children, she calls on all adult voters to reject all poop-pitching candidates by giving the stinky-handed slimeballs ladies and gentlemen exactly what they deserve: nothing. That’s right – zippo, zilch, zero, nil, nix, nada – no votes for bad-mouthing their opponents, their predecessors, the president, or even Lady Gaga (much as she deserves it)!

Stopping bullies begins at home, or in this case, at Congress. How can you people tell your children to be kind, civil, and respectful of others if you elect muck-raking, reputation-besmirching, character-denigrating men and women to lead your country?


One response to this post.

  1. So true. We all need good examples of how to behave with people we don’t agree with – I guess all we can do is try to live it out even if others refuse.
    I think bullying and name calling has to do with how the person really feels inadequate inside, so they try and put others down to make themselves feel better. We’re all broken people, but it is so much easier to point the finger at others instead of dealing with our own issues. I know I’m definitely guilty of all the charges so all I can do is try my best and figure out what I need to deal with. 😛

    Stopping in from the Canadian SITS group to say hi! )


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