The Dudegate Debate: Mother Hen Weighs In

Poor little Jonny Stewart!

Mr. Jonny is currently the subject of a squawk-fest because he addressed Mr. President Barak Obama as “dude” Thursday on The Daily Show.  The media are all aflutter over this incident, condemning wee Jonny for disrespecting the Commander in Chief.

Dude, they’ve got the issue all wrong!

Mother Hen agrees that there was a problem with Thursday’s show, but disrespect is the least of Jon’s worries. 

For starters, who uses dude anymore?

Mother hasn’t heard that term since Aston Kutcher made “Dude, Where’s My Car?” in 2000. That’s ten years ago people – ten whole years for Mr. Stewart to acquire another chummy catchphrase with which to disrespect the leader of the free world! Say “peep” for instance (one of MH’s favorites), “dawg” which comes in a close second, or even “buddy,” a perennial favorite.

In fact, The Urban Dictionary ( states that dude is ordinarily used by “stoners, surfers, and skaters.” Inquiring chickens want to know: which one are you, Mr. Stewart?

Beyond the dude question there is a much broader consideration. The President arrived armed with jokes, shot off the first volley, and then dominated the “conversation” throughout. It was so bad at one point Jonny whined “It’s just hard not to talk.”

MH agrees that Mr. Stewart was between a rock and a chicken coop. Mother Hen has been there herself from time to time. Interrupting the US President while he is speaking would be a big no-no.

Nevertheless, this is what the man does for a living – this, in fact, is what he gets the big bucks for – keeping celebrities and politicians uncomfortable by peppering them with humorous probing questions. On, Thursday, Mr. Stewart was euchred at what he supposedly does best.

Mother Hen thus poses the humorous probing question: has Jon Stewart and The Daily Show jumped the proverbial shark?  Is he past his due date? Is he in fact turning into…dare she say it…an old fart?

All MH can say is, “Jonny dear, watch your back. You never know when Mr. Conan will be in the market for another job. Oh, and one more thing…never go near a shark. Mother hears that they like to eat TV hosts for breakfast.”


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  1. Wow…Totally missed Dude-gate.

    Was distracted by rabid pundits trying to appear controversial and cutting edge by telling the world how Stewart was taking his career in his hands with the Rally to Restore Sanity and hope we didn’t notice that they were really just trying to string words together about a popular topic so they could play too.

    Oh, phooey…was that cynical?

    It must be time for wine then.


  2. The pundits were rabid? No wonder MH stays as far away from them as possible! And here she thought they just had a bad case of the politics!
    Is wine good for rabies?


  3. Is he past his due date?

    Fracas would tend to think so, but then again, fracas has never particularly cared for him anyway. Perhaps if someone took a gander over to his coop and goosed him, he’d be more entertaining to watch… but up to now, fracas has thought he’s about as full of himself as the typical Turducken! Being a fellow bird, I’m sure you can relate to just how awful the very thought of a Turducken is.


  4. I’m not going to lie – the bird references challenge my feeble, nutrient-deprived mind, but I gotsta gotsta say that I loooove me some Jonny.

    I’ve seen him twice doing stand up. The first time I thought I was going to die from lack of air and permanent abdominal contractions due to laughing. My stupid cheeks were all twitchy for hours afterward.

    (Though, must admit that the 2nd time he seemed older, angrier, and using Bush material (and this was in the summer of 2010 people).

    Also? I say Duuuude all the time and I am neither a stoner, surfer or skater…. which, I suppose, just makes me really (more) uncool.

    I need to go watch this online somewhere.


    • Dear Ms. Stephanie,
      Mother Hen confesses that this post was typed with a rather “tongue in beak” attitude.
      (Secretly, MH hearts Mr. Jonny, but don’t tell Father Rooster!)
      Nevertheless, she stands (or perches) by her assessment of the word “dude.” How can one argue with an impeccable authority like the Urban Dictionary? Okay, so it’s not Webster’s, but that dude’s really old, right?
      Groovily yours,
      Mother Hen


    • Stephanie, don’t fret about the bird references. It just so happens that Mother Hen happened upon the blog of one ‘not your average Canadian Goose’ (me) and both of us realized we had in common, that we spoke ‘beakinese’ quite well. It tends to creep in when we chat 😉


      • Mother Hen admits that she had to look up Turducken, and it still gives her goosebumps to think of it!


        • Well, better to have goosebumps than chicken pox! 😉 Re/ the Turducken… a friend of mine made it for Thanksgiving one year, that’s how I learned of it.

          (BTW – I’ve left an idea for you over at the fraccy fairground.)


          • For those not in-the-know, they also have Turducken DOG FOOD.

            I laughed out loud, but stopped myself from ROFLOL-ing (because pet stores can be dirty, you know?)


            That means dogs out there eat better than this vegetarian-sometimes-vegan. 😉

          • Good call on the not ROFLOL-ing. I wonder about that claim they make though. In the write-up, they suggest that it’s good enough to make a vegetarian reconsider their pledge and I wonder…

            …do they mean a vegetarian dog or person? ‘Cause I’m not so sure the dog can reconsider his/her pledge to be a vegetarian. I mean, perhaps they’re smart enough to be trained and ‘work’ and all, but I doubt they borrow the car keys from their master and head on over to the pet food store to wander the aisles pondering whether or not to go vegetarian this time or not. If it’s the people they’re referring to… then isn’t the idea that they’re considering eating dog food a tad more alarming than whether or not they’re going to reconsider their vegetarian pledge?

            My gosh. It’s enough to make this goose lay an egg.

          • Mother Hen has it on good authority (those house cats again) that dogs are strictly carnivorous, which is why they are best avoided.
            On the other wing, it isamusing to think that if canines knew about all the vegetable/grain filers in their food, they would be horrified!
            The nest woofer MH sees, she may have to call it a vegetarian, and then run like heck for the coop.(Thank heaven for chickenwire!)
            Amusingly yours,
            Mother Hen

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