Coop Family Calendar November 2010

Mother Hen presents: The first ever Coop Family Calendar!!!!!!!

As you can see, life is very busy indeed, and MH has her wings full just trying to keep track!

Father Rooster had to cope with the end of daylight savings time, and let Mother tell you, there is nothing so cranky as a rooster off schedule! You would think that the sun was never going to show up at all!

Most of the calendar is self explanatory, but perhaps Mother should…ahem…elaborate a bit about Junior Rooster’s cockey game suspension. She is extremely disappointed to report that he was cited by the ref for “pecking from behind” and “unroosterlike conduct.”  Let Mother H. assure you , he was nested and confined to the coop for a week for those shenanigans. (For more about Junior Rooster and cockey, see Sports and the Male Animal).

Last year for our family holiday portrait, Missy Hen substituted a neon pink dress (see illustration above) for the lovely blue velvet Mother Hen had chosen, then hid her outfit under her coat until we had arrived at the photographer’s studio. Well, it was just dreadful! All of us were wearing shades of blue, and there was Missy sticking out like a sore claw! That will not be happening again this year, no-sirree-bob!

Mother Hen has joined the Christmas Clawbell Choir, as you can see. The choir is preparing for an impressive debut at the Christmas Eve service, which is quite a challenge. MH has had ringing in her ears ever since this whole thing began. Annoying, but she is sure it will be worth it.

Enjoy your little window into Mother Hen’s world!


4 responses to this post.

  1. That’s it.

    You’re officially my family planner.

    Can’t wait to hear how the clawbell choir goes.


    • Dear Ms. Lori,
      Mother Hen does know a lot about family planning, but perhaps you should consult your doctor about that, dear.
      Mother H. will consider the clawbell choir report as a possible future blog. She appreciates the suggestion.
      Maternally yours,
      Mother Hen


  2. rofl on the holiday letter ‘final draft’. Now… did you go get the Paintshop Pro Version I wrote about? If so… then you can scan your family picture in, and simply colorize Missy’s neon pink dress back into that lovely blue. Add a texture, and her dress will be velvet again. Haha to these young chicks who think they can outsmart a Mother Hen (or Goose)! My ‘missy’ is 20 now, but when she was a young(er) teen gosling, she loved to partake of the piercings to shock Mother Goose. I always just boasted of my lovely Paintshop Pro, which would make it so very easy for me to remove that lip piercing or color that blue/green/pink/purple/red hair a nice, normal brown.

    Tee hee.

    Beautiful calendar though… fine job!


  3. Dear Ms. Fracas,
    Mother Hen does so love the praise of a fellow fowl! Thank you for your indispensable advice!
    Mother must confess though, that she has not yet downloaded that program, as she had already completed most of the calendar before it was suggested. Never fear — she has just attached yet another sticky note to the calander to remind herself!
    Hmm…the question is, should one or should one not tamper with historical records? We all know how it really went down…oh, what the frac, it would be nice for the family portrait shelf. Another potential blog topic? MH doesn’t want to spoil the suspense.
    Gratefully yours,
    Mother Hen


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