Mother Hen’s Holiday Newsletter: Final Draft


To compare to the Original draft of the Coop Family Newsletter (which you absolutely must do), see Mother Hen’s Holiday Newsletter: First Draft.

Delivered more or less, almost, kind of on time as promised!     Mother Hen


4 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice! And I vote for Grass Green. Though I’m not sure what color your furniture is…

    Junior Rooster and Little B MUST have a lot in common, for Junior Rooster to already be headed to military school!

    Thanks again for the inspiration, I’m doing a Zohrfamily newsletter this year to go along with our family portrait christmas cards! (Email me your mailing address, by the way, I’d like to send you one!)

    Love and blessings,



  2. Dear Ms. Z,
    Furniture? Hmm…let’s see…the crate is brown, the curtains are green, the nest is…nest-colored, and the shelf is natural pressboard.
    How lovely! Mother loves to inspire! She will look forward to your newsletter with great anticipation.
    Mother Hen’s email address is not a secret, but accessable to all her chicks, as long as they behave!
    Accessably yours,
    Mother Hen


  3. Well…it’s lovely.

    But, I kinda like the original version with all the edits in it better.

    And, homeschooling to military school?

    Ummm…was something set on fire while I wasn’t looking?


  4. Dear Ms. Lori,
    Mother Hen just knew that some of her loyal readers would prefer the original newsletter, but…well…she did have that imposing deadline looming.
    Military school? Did MH say that? Out loud? Oops!
    Of course, she meant a school for chicks with special needs…very special needs.
    As far as a fire goes, there was that unfortunate incident with Farmer Brown’s tool shed…but we have tried to put it behind us. Since it actually is behind us, coop-wise, it hasn’t been that hard. Who told you? Was it that Henrietta Eggster? That old biddy is forever gossiping! I could just wring her scrawny neck…but I will leave that to a higher power…like Farmer Brown, for instance.
    Apologetically yours,
    Mother Hen


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