Mother Hen Takes On Victoria’s Not-So Secret!

Okay, ladies, try not to get too excited! The big day is here!

Tonight is the Victoria’s Secret “Fashion Show!”  Heaven help us all!

With the possible exception of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, surely the most blatant public display of female flesh outside of porn magazines and videos is this parade of “angels” on CBS. (The real angels must be weeping.)

Mother Hen must say no self-respecting chicken would trot around unfeathered in such a shameless manner. They would rather die first!

Do women actually watch this garbage, or is it only male humans, drooling all over their remotes like basset hounds sniffing kibble?  Please tell Mother H. that none of you, her precious chicks, patronize this foolishness!

Repeat after MH:

These are not real women. These are creatures altered by scalpel, air-brushing, padding, starvation, make-up, flattering lens filters and angled shots

We will not compare ourselves to these live mannequins.

We will refuse to patronize Victoria’s Secret stores, online or storefront, until they stop this sexist nonsense.

We will do everything in our power to convince the male humans sharing our coops not to watch this atrocity. When they view this or any other objectification of our fair sex, it degrades their opinion of all females, including us.

Labeling this underwear pageant a fashion show is an insult to genuine fashion.

Please understand Mother Hen, dearies. She is not concerned at all with what you do in the privacy of your own nest, or what you choose to wear underneath your clothing when out and about. No, no, no, Mother is not a total prude, despite her genteel demeanor. 

What galls MH is the promotion of underwear as outerwear, and the attempt to normalize scantily clad women prancing across our TV screens by labeling it as fashion. As if the soaps and dramas and movies weren’t already bad enough!

Victoria’s Secret’s eggstravaganza has as little to do with fashion as SI’s swimsuit edition has to do with sports. The saddest thing is that this particular display is funded by other women, everyday women, every time they make a purchase from VS.  We have the power to stop this madness, ladies. Let your money go to retailers who show respect for the females of this world, and leave Victoria’s Secret’s “angels” out shivering in the cold where they belong! The “girlcot” is on!

10 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, thank you, Mother Hen, for addressing this important issue. I can’t believe that pornographic pin-ups prancing on a pathway passes as family entertainment these days. (wow, that was a lot of P words.)

    I’m no prude, but I can assure you that no one in my house will be watching this thinly-veiled objectification of women! It’s an atrocity.


  2. Dear Ms. Z.,
    Delightfully put! Written like a chick after Mother Hen’s own heart!
    (And you can never have too many letter P’s in a sentence. Never!)
    Heartily yours,
    Mother Hen


  3. Not only did it not air in my household, I had no awareness of its existence.

    For which I feel not one whit of disappointment at all.


  4. Dear Ms. Lori,
    Mother H. is sure that is a testimony to your good taste and common sense, dear!
    Approvingly yours,
    Mother Hen


  5. Posted by Leslie on December 5, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Thanks for your public denunciation of such scantily clad models.
    I did not see this display, having no interest in it, but I think you may be correct that the male of the species is the intended audience.


  6. Dear Ms. Leslie,
    Mother Hen has no interest in it either, except for the opportunity to protest this disgraceful excuse for an event.
    Certainly I can’t see any self-respecting women watching it.
    Indignantly yours,
    Mother Hen


  7. My husband and I laugh over these commercials every single year. I pretend to beg him for the million dollar bra. He demands that I come up with an occasion to wear it. I whine that all my friend have one. Then gag when we see more commercials where the girls looks like they are missing ribs. This is beauty? Uhm, no. The best thing this year was the first time we saw it, my eyes went huge at the absurdity of the costume and the way the girls legs were so skinny, and her waist was so tiny it was sick. My husband said, “ohh. I like that.” I.Went.Crazy. Turns out he was looking at the outfit and thought it would look good on me with my oh, 70 or so extra pounds I had on that girl. He was quickly put back on my nice list.


    • Dear Ms. Kim,
      Mother Hen says most authoritatively that your man is a keeper! (Not to mention dang smart.)
      If MH could take all the extra from the middle and put it on the top, she’d have rack that would put Dolly Parton to shame. Fortunately, Father Rooster, like your hubby, has the good sense and bad eyesight to think that MH is lovely just as she is.
      (On the other hand, skinny chickens do live longer, darn it.)
      Primly yours,
      Mother Hen


  8. Posted by Heather on December 17, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    What really threw me into a rage was when I saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial, featuring wind-swept, dramatically-lit shots of angry women posing in bras, with the words




    blazing across the screen. I was initially pretty angry, but then realized that, hey, at least they’re being honest: men don’t buy lingerie for women, they buy it for themselves to look at. And I’m pretty sure women buy lingerie for that exact same reason. Thongs are uncomfortable and gross… but hey, the boys like ’em.


  9. Dear Ms. Heather,
    Of course men buy lingerie for women. Mother Hen has absolutely no problem with them viewing their lingerie purchases — on their women. Lingerie is lovely in its place, which in MH’s opinion is not strutting across the TV screen.
    MH does have a problem with:
    — near naked women in ads on primetime TV
    — a primetime TV show devoted to nothing but these near naked women
    — the idea that these scantily clad females are angels
    — the false and misleading message being sent to women and their daughters that female humans should have (abnormal) bodies like VS’s models
    — that this entire production is about fashion, not T & A

    Honesty is a virtue that Mother Hen advocates fervently — immediately behind decency and good manners.
    All the same, MH would like to assure you, Ms. Heather, that your honest opinion is appreciated, and welcome. There will always be room for lively discussion by all the chicks in the coop!
    Yours in propriety,
    Mother Hen


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