The Aftermath

With a Special Preview of Mother Hen’s New Coop Plans

(How could Farmer Brown resist?)

Dear friends of the Nest*

Do not be distressed!

Mother Hen is just fine —

She’s begun to design

A new home for the Coops

While the family regroups.

Dearest darling readers,

                Thank you so much for your concern and good wishes as the Coop family recovers from their recent fire. Mother Hen and her brood are all alive and kicking, thank God! Farmer Brown has promised to build a new coop just as soon as MH and Father Rooster can agree on a layout. If anything, Mother Hen and the gang will soon be the envy of the entire farm because of their deluxe accommodations!

Missy Hen is thrilled at the prospect of a new wardrobe. With the post-Christmas sales on, she is itching to get at it!

Junior Rooster is making a list and checking it twice – of lost toys, that is! He expects them all to be replaced, but that fateful science kit is a no go. Hear that, Junior? Absolutely, positively not, mister!

Of the family’s meager possessions, the only thing that everyone mourns is the flat-screen TV. What a tragic loss! MH is suffering from withdrawal symptoms as we “speak!” However, the neighbors are taking up a collection for the unfortunate Coops which may just find its way to a big box store nearby (which shall remain nameless, as Mother Hen does not do endorsements for free, for heaven’s sake!) What those other hens don’t know can’t hurt them, right?

The New Year will be a new start in a new place with the same old people. What more could a family want?

Yours contentedly,

Mother Hen

Gentle readers, do please understand that while Mother Hen and Jodi Edwards Wright are the very closest of friends, they are not one and the same “person,” and the tragedy that has befallen Mother H. has not also transpired in Ms. Jodi’s life as well. Here are some hints on how to keep the two straight, since it is a difficult task:

                Mother Hen                                                                                       Ms. Jodi

    •  Is a chicken                                                                           is a human female
    • Has one spouse and two chicks                                         Has one spouse, one grown chick,two stepchicks and their spouses, and four grandsons
    • Has two “ally” cat informants in the farmhouse             Has two crazy but loving housecats
    • Lives in a coop                                                                     Lives in a house
    • Is located at Farmer Brown’s place, Canada                   Is located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada 
    • Lays eggs on a regular basis                                             has egg on her face on a regular basis
    • Eats popcorn and drinks tea or eggnog                          has a food intolerance to corn, but does drink tea

*With “especial” love to Ms. Lori, who is a dear friend to both ladies


2 responses to this post.

  1. Mother Hen is one beautifully detailed poetic chicken, because my poor little head could not quite sort out if MH was channeling a true-to-life event.

    Although if so, my other thought was, “Wow that Ms. Jodi is one cool cucumber to have the presence of mind to blog a poem about a house fire.”

    And I am honored to be friend to both ladies.


  2. Dear Ms. Lori,
    Both ladies are all honored all over the place too!
    MH & MJ
    PS. Are you honored enough yet to add us to your blogroll? Pretty please? Or do we have to suck up some more?


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