After the Math ($$$)

It is with great sadness that Mother Hen must report that her fabulous plans for the new Coop Family coop have been vetoed by Farmer Brown, the owner (aka “tyrant”) of the farm on which said family lives. He said, and we quote, “We ain’t gots no monies for high-falutin’ fixtures for no chicken barn.” As if chickens weren’t people too!

This means that the popcorn fountain, drinking fountain, seed bin, and French doors are scrapped. Even MH’s upholstered perches for watching the big screen TV did not receive adequate funding! However, with the generous contributions from the neighbors, who put together a Coop Family Fire Fund, the 52” wide screen plasma TV has been replaced, and the custom corner perch was installed as requested – the sole compromise from Dictator Brown!

Missy Hen disdainfully wears her newly-acquired hand-me-downs because she must, but there is one seriously discontented teenage chick in the coop these days. Her miserable attitude permeates the place as much as the smell of fresh paint.

Junior Rooster is somewhat more accepting of the hand-me-down toys collected by the good folks at the Coop Co-Op. If it is new to him, that’s what really matters. In this (at least) he is a sensible boy!

Father Rooster is still recovering from his disappointment at losing the French doors. No one else could tell, as he is so stoic. He can deny it all he wants, but Mother Hen knows inside he is devastated.

Mother herself is resigned to never having a popcorn fountain, but don’t feel badly for her. Oh, no! MH is fine, just fine; in fact, she has almost erased all the sample photos from her decorating file. A chicken must know her place in the world, apparently, and never let it be said that Mother Hen aspired above her station in life.

So now the coop is back to normal – in fact, you probably couldn’t tell the old one from the new one. Sigh! Not even a Persian rug to soften the floor under Mother Hen’s delicate feet. Not that she is complaining…of course not!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Cute story. I had to come see who the wise woman was that said to have accomplish everything at 28 would be called a “has been”. Nicely done Ms. Jodi. Happy to hear the tragedy befell MH not MJ.


  2. Dear Ms. Aligaeta,
    Ms. Jodi is still hoping that she is a late bloomer — a very, very, very late bloomer!
    (MH, however, is trying to find a way not to take that last comment personally.)
    Optimistically yours,
    MJ & MH


  3. Oh my, excuse me. I didn’t realize MH would be reading. Here’s to the late bloomers, may our rewards be vast gardens.
    Respectfully yours,
    Ms. Ali


  4. Wel I, for one, am traumatized on your behalf for not getting the popcorn fountain.

    Because I, for one, thinks a hard-working chicken like yourself deserves it.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go spray-paint some epithets on a nearby fence.


    • Dear Ms. Lori,
      Preach it, Sister! More power and popcorn to us hard-working chicks!
      (On the other wing, MH does not want to know nuthin’ ’bout no spray paintin’ on no fences! No siree bob!)
      Legally yours,
      Mother Hen


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