If Mother Hen Flew the Coop, or Sick and Tired of the Frickin’ Snow!

When Mother Hen gazes out the coop window, a winter wonderland awaits. White waves of snow undulate like that cotton stuffing stuff they use for making quilts. Alas, the chill creeps in through the cracks, giving MH goose-bumps, and hinting at the evil truth: it’s as cold as a penguin’s patootie out there!

If chickens could fly, Mother Hen would be SO out of here!

Those TV ads, with all their “white sand this” and “sunshine that” are absolute torture for a lady of delicate sensibility like MH! Oh, to feel the ocean breeze flitting through her feathers, and sip on one of those cute little coconut drinks with a tacky paper umbrella! What she wouldn’t give to wear a teensy-weensy bikini, stretch out on a lounge chair and hold a lightweight chick-lit paperback between her sun-baked wings!

Mother Hen knows you can totally identify.

To add insult to injury, MH’s close human friend, Jodi Edwards Wright, has just returned from such an idyllic week-long holiday, her suitcase full of beach sand and her camera full of photos. The nerve of some people!  Mother has half a mind to ban her from the nest until spring!

You know that groundhog – the one that predicts the weather? If spring isn’t early this year, he had better watch his furry behind, because Mother Hen is about ready to kick some varmit butt, that’s what!


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