Mother Hen Sings: “Summertime”


And this chicken is queasy

Temperature’s  rising

and humidity’s high.


Starting to itch

Mother Hen is a’cooking

So hush little chickies

Or you’ll fry.


One of these dog days

You will be on the porch swing

Then you’ll flap your wings

Trying to get your pits dry.


While in the coop door

Father Rooster is steaming

‘cause the only fan is in the pigsty.



And the breezes aren’t breezy

Nests are all stinky

And the coop’s smelling high.


Can’t wear a stitch

Without sweating right through it

So welcome to summer

Here comes July!

(With apologies to George & Ira Gershwin)





2 responses to this post.

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  2. Love it! Ha..ha.. Definitely worth ‘clucking’ about.


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