Mother Hen Buys the Farm

When Mother Hen wins the lottery (which seems to be difficult if one does not play), life at the farm will change for the better, you betcha!

She doesn’t know if you, dear readers, are aware that when one owns a farm, that makes you the boss. Yes, really! Farmer Brown figures that just because it is his farm he can run it however he pleases. Chickensh…Horse Manure!

When Mother Hen owns the farm, things will be different!

Top Ten Reasons the Farm Will Rock With Mother Hen in Charge

10. Mother Hen will be in charge. That rocks!

9. Dogs and other wolves will be on restraining orders and restraining leashes at all times.

8. A non-violence clause will be added to every cat’s contract.

7. Pigs will be required to keep a clean sty and learn to fly.

6. Coops will be professionally decorated immediately after they are professionally built.

5. There will be movie nights every Friday, with free popcorn for all.

4. Three new gliders would be purchased so chickens could soar like eagles.

3. Two widescreen TVs with satellite will be added to the barn so everyone can watch Animal Planet.

2. All animals will be paid according to weight, say about $2.99 a pound.

1. Big shiny transport trucks are to be completely banned from the farm. No animals will be forced to leave the farm EVER!!!!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Now imagine how cool the world would be with Mother Hen in charge! Well, a chicken can dream, can’t she?

Now, all Mother H. needs to do is to find a lottery ticket somewhere.


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  2. I want to live in your world! Okay…even if it is a bit delusional. Ha..ha.. See, that’s what I tell my husband all the time “If you just do what I say everything will go smoothly”. Funny, he doesn’t find that humorous or practical.
    Well, good luck with that lottery thing. I actually play and ain’t won squat beyond a few bucks. It’s nice to dream though. I use it as positive imaging to conjure up a little ‘feel good’ energy. I see a grand old house replacing this poor, old, dilapidated one, and beautiful landscaping surrounding it. Why I’m at it and being so generous, throw a jaguar into the mix! 😉


    • Dear Miss Kitty,
      You are welcome at Mother Hen’s coop anytime as long as you sign the non-violence “claws” for cats, but please don’t bring any jaguars!
      Oh, dear, that lottery thing doesn’t sound very promising after all! MH will have to concentrate on becoming rich and famous through her writing.
      Yours in female solidarity,
      Mother Hen


  3. When you said “Mother hen buys the farm” you meant she was dying.

    I love the drawing. This is just the right amount of confusing, weird, cute and fun to keep me coming back.


    • Dear Mr. Posky,
      Welcome to the nest! Please do keep coming back, as Mother Hen loves company.
      Ah, you only thought that is what it meant. Made you look!
      MH must admit she gets some help in the drawing department from her dear human friend, Jodi, as drawing is awfully hard on the beak, you know.
      Artisticly yours,
      Mother Hen


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