Animal Farm, Mother Hen Style

We did it! Chickens and Roosters of the World (CROW) and United Animal Workers (UAW) have joined forces to overthrow the tyrannical despot, Farmer Brown, and replace his rule with a democratic council of elected animals. (Failing that, we’ll settle for air-conditioning in the workplace and a higher grade of feed, but don’t tell the brutal dictator that! Thanks!) Naturally Mother Hen is strike coordinator, so she put together a little ditty for the striking workers.

Animal Solidarity Fight Song

(C’mon, sing it out loud! You know you want to.)

Farmer Brown, he had a farm,

(Animals on strike)

But Mother Hen raised the alarm.

(Animals on strike)

With a picket here, and a picket there,

Here a piglet, there a picket,

Everywhere a piglet picket,

Farmer Brown once ruled the farm,

(Animals on strike)


All you ducks, now make some noise,

(‘Cause you are on strike)

Act like you are duck decoys,

(‘Cause you are on strike)

With a quack quack here and a flap flap there

Here a duck there a duck

Everywhere a duck amok

Face the tyrant who employs.

He we will out-psych!


Hey you chicks, get off your duffs

(Act like you’re on strike!)

Raise a racket, stir up fluffs,

(Hey hens, you’re on strike!)

With a cluck cluck here, and some raw eggs there,

Throw a couple, lay a couple,

Everybody on the double!

Brown come closer if you dare!

(Face the chicks on strike)


Cows, go poop on Farmer’s lane

(Show him we’re on strike!)

Mark his yard as our domain.

(Aim for his dirt bike.)

With a moo moo here and some poo poo there

Here’s some poop, there’s some poop,

Everywhere there’s poop goop.

Join us in our grand campaign!

(Animals on strike!)





4 responses to this post.

  1. You have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you Mother Hen? ha..ha..


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