Mother Hen Goes Out On a Limb

(Or Animal Farm, Part 2)

When one is taking a chance, one is said to be “going out on a limb.”

When one is faced with delivering an ultimatum, it is wise to stay, shall we say, out of harm’s way

Being no dummy, then, MH chose to go out on a limb both literally and metaphorically when the tyrant Farmer Brown, rather than negotiate in good faith with the farm’s striking animals, chose instead to play hardball. As the representative of the combined Chickens & Roosters of the World (CROW) and United Animal Workers (UAW) unions, Mother Hen was charged with delivering the bad news.

“What are ya doin’ up there, Mama Hen?”

“Shhh, Junior! Your mother is trying to be important.”

“Let us never forget that we are comrades united in a noble struggle to assert the dignity of domesticated creatures. We shall not be divided! No matter what comes, we shall never, ever allow management to turn animal against animal, cows against pigs or pigs against poultry. Especially not cows or pigs against poultry.”

“What’s she sayin’? I got mud in my ear.”

“Somethin’  about cows n’ pigs bein’ against poultry, Mz.  Hog.”

“Unfortunately, Farmer Brown does not appreciate us, or acknowledge our reasonable demands, never mind our unreasonable demands.”

“Down with Brown! Down with Brown! Down with Brown!”

“He has said no to a democratic council of elected animals! “

“Bahhed Farmer!”

“He has said no to air-conditioning in the workplace!”

Whaat a quack!”

“And he has said no to improved feed…”

“Mooo-re grain!”

“and-in-fact-he-says-no-food-get-back-to-work-or-starve-so-there’s-a-motion-to-end-the-strike-Father-Rooster-seconds-the-motion-all-in-favor-carried. Bye!”

“Hay, where’d she go?”

“Come bahh-ck you coward! “

“Mother Hen is a chicken chicken!”

“I moo-ve Mother Hen be re-mooved from leadership!”

As she was mentioning, Mother Hen is no dummy, so she retreated to the coop to lay as many eggs as possible so Farmer Brown will fill the corn bin. After all, she has a lot of little beaks to feed.

If you come around, knock to the beat of the Chicken Dance so she will know it is safe to unbarricade the door.


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