Back-To-School with Mother Hen

Mother Hen realizes that down there in the US of A, some kidlets head back to school in August.  Up here in Canada-Eh, little chicks and roosters return to the classroom after Labour Day. (Yes, that is how it is spelled here. Get over it.)

That means that MH still has a couple of weeks to get her feathers together and make sure that Missy Hen and Junior Rooster are suitably outfitted and raring, well, okay, ready to go.

Here is the Game Plan.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15 Ask Father Rooster to get the Supply List from the school.  16 Ask Missy Hen to get the Supply List from the school.   17 Take Junior Rooster to get the Supply List from the school. 18 Read the Supply List.Freak out!(Why does a Grade 3 rooster need a protractor set ANYWAY? To poke his neighbour’s eyes out?) 19 Check in drawers, closets, old backpacks, under beds and in laundry baskets for leftover school supplies. 20 Forget that. A search unearthed box of 12 chewed pencils, one black eraser, 7 broken crayons and 2 dead mice. Ew! 21 Day of rest to thank the Creator for only making back-to-school once a year.
22 Firmly determine to go and get school supplies. 23 Decide instead to order supplies online. Chicken stores are notoriously under-stocked anyway. 24 Actually look at Honest Fred’s – Your Friendly Discount Office Supply Store’s website. 25 Get up the nerve to go to Honest Fred’s checkout and see what the damage is. Keep bucket handy for throw up. 26 Get up the nerve to tell Father Rooster what the bill comes to. (“Honest” Fred is a large duck, so he always has a big bill. Hee-hee!) 27 Order supplies. Realize that they will never arrive on time. 28 Day of rest to ask the Creator for another week to get school supplies.
29 Let down the hem on  Missy’s old school uniform. Tell Junior to pretend he is wearing shorts. 30 Pack up chewed pencils, black eraser and broken crayons in last year’s backpacks. 31 Sew up holes in last year’s backpacks and repack. 1 Pack leftover popcorn in lunch bags. Tell Missy and Junior to just wing it, and have a good day anyway. 2 Dance the happy dance with all the other hens! 3 Go get some re-tail therapy. 4 Post-pone telling Father Rooster about the re-tail therapy.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I enjoyed this. Love your sense of humor (and the visuals you provided). Would love to know how you made this wacky calendar and beyond that, how you were able to upload it to WordPress?

    Aun Aqui


    • Mother Hen has referred this reply to her dear human friend, Jodi, for her response.
      Mother Hen and I thank you kindly for your complimentary remarks!
      The calendar was made in this fashion. I created a table in Word for the basic calendar, and downloaded it to WordPress.
      Certtain items were saved from Microsft Clipart into a file, then added individually to the calendar on WordPress using the “Upload/Insert an Image” button at the top.
      My drawings were created using the now ancient Paint program, and saved and downloaded the same way. If I wanted to alter or use the Microsoft Clipart as a template for my own work, I copied and pasted it into Paint to do so.
      Clear as mud, no? Feel free to ask again for clarification if something doesn’t make sense to you, and I’ll do my darndest to make things clearer!


  2. This is both hilarious and helpful, except that your calendar contains way more sewing than I could ever pull off. Here in dirty Jersey we go back after Labour Day too, and I was wondering if that was because we’re so close to you, eh? But then I realized that we have different Labour Days. Ours is later. Which is good, considering that according to your calendar I am fully two weeks behind.


  3. Dear Ms. JM,
    Mother Hen says outsource the sewing, which in your case means make #1 do it.
    Two weeks behind is not bad! Mother Hen has at least 2 full years of behind that she wishes would quit catching up to her.
    Yours helpfully,
    Mother Hen


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