Minutes of the Coop Improvement Association (CIA) Meeting

Coop Improvement Association (CIA)




9:00 AM

Farmer Brown’s Barnyard
Meeting called by Henny Penny  
Type of meeting Hen Session  
Facilitator Chickie Feathers  
Note taker Mother Hen  
Egg Timer Zelda Cluck  
Attendees Everyone Else  

Agenda topics


10  Minutes

Sky Falling

Henny Penny
Discussion Ms. Feathers notes that the sky is still in the same place as yesterday. Ms.  
Penny describes again her vision of the heavens collapsing, crushing all chickens underneath. Ms. Penny moves to  
construct underground shelters . Seconded by Ms. Scraper. Ms. Feathers says chickens are not rabbits.  
Conclusions Motion defeated. Motion made by Ms. Hen that a committee be struck to explore the  
feasibility of scratching out a burrow or two, to be chaired by Ms. Penny, and consisting of Ms. Scraper, Elly  
Egglayer and Bridie Bird. Seconded by Ms. Penny. Motion carried.  
Action items Person responsible Deadline  
Inquiries to be made as to hiring BUDS Bunnies Excavation Inc. Susie Scraper Whenever  
Weather patterns to be charted Bridie Bird Soon  

10 minutes

Egg Production

Elly Egglayer
Discussion Ms. Egglayer relays her concerns that egg production rates are way down from the    
previous summer. Corneilia  Chickenwire challenges Ms. Egglayer’s statistics, claiming that in her coop egglaying is  
up 21 %. Kerfuffle ensues. Mother Hen moves that new statistics be compiled, seconded by Ms. Chickenwire.  
Conclusions Motion carried. Committee struck to track and record egg production, chaired  
by Mother Hen to include Ms. Egglayer and Ms. Chickenwire. Motion passes, and condolences go to Ms. Hen.  
Ms. Penny suggests that Mrs. Farmer Brown may have accurate numbers, but she is squawked down.  
Action items Person responsible Deadline  
Check with Mrs. Brown anyway Henny Penny Right Away  
Egg production to be charted Corneilia Chickenwire Next Meeting  

10 minutes

CaCA Removal

Mother Hen
Discussion Ms. Hen claims that the coop area stinks, particularly the coop of a newlywed 
chick who does not understand the rules of caca management. JoJo Jumper objects to this insinuation,
suggesting that the caca of hens of a certain vintage stink more than that of youthful chickens. Bedlam ensues.
Conclusions Ms. Penny restores order, and moves that a committee be struck 
to promote coop maintenance and hygiene. Seconded by Ms. Hen, who offers to chair said committee.
Ms. Jumper objects.  Motion passed anyway.
Action items Person responsible Deadline
Post rules of coop maintenance Mother Hen ASAP
Post rules for caca removal Mother Hen Ditto

1 minute

motion to adjourn

JoJo Jumper
Discussion Ms. Jumper makes a motion to adjourn, or at least “end this crappy meeting.”
Zelda Cluck is tired of turning the egg timer, so she seconds the motion.  Motioned passed, Ms. Hen abstains
because she wants to talk more. Motion passed.  Someone wakes up Ms. Feathers and the meeting is adjourned.

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