Mother Hen’s Acceptance Speech

Other than an extra-large popcorn, there are few things in life that Mother Hen enjoys more than accepting awards.

This is a recent discovery, since MH has been nominated for only one award to date, but she could get really used to this. (Hint! Hint!) Mother Hen has proudly (and of course, humbly) accepted the honor of receiving The Versatile Blogger Award from fellow blogger TikkTok, a fowl friend if there ever was one.

One of the rules attached to this prestigious award is the recipient must share seven things about herself. Although usually shy and retiring, Mother H. must dutifully contribute to her readers the following revelations:

  1. Mother Hen goes commando. You are aghast perhaps at this startling fact, but panties are a pain in the pinfeathers! Besides, they get in the way of egg production.
  2. Mother Hen does not have lips. One well-known rumor about chickens is that they have lips, a false assertion which MH intends to completely and totally set to rest. After all, if she had lips, Mother Hen would absolutely wear lipstick.
  3. Mother Hen has no bathroom in the coop. Blame Farmer Brown for this oversight. Mother Hen does.
  4. Mother Hen does not have teeth, not even in a glass beside her nest. It saves a lot on dental bills.
  5. Mother Hen’s favorite colors are pink, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and mauve. (She loves black too, but black is not a color, or so she has been told.) MH does not believe in discriminating by color.
  6. Mother Hen is a chicken, but she is NOT chicken, nor does she play chicken! It is high time these infernal prejudices against the noble name of “chicken” be dropped from the English language!
  7. Mother Hen is not the only typing chicken in the world, but she is by far the best! See the following video for evidence.

Accept no substitutes!

Now, Mother Hen would like to thank all the little chickens who made this possible…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Howdy Mother Hen. Had to stop by the coop and see how you’ve been getting along. I see you’re just as clever as ever. Had to laugh at the commando thing. Psst…that’s why I live in sundresses in the summer. 🙂


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