Mother Hen’s 2011 Christmas Letter ( First Draft)

It’s that time of year again folks.

Much as Mother Hen dreads the early onset of the festive season, she must come to terms with the not-so-convenient truth: if she is to have even a smidge of a chance of getting those cards out before December 24th, she has to begin the Coop Family Christmas letter now.

Sigh! So here we go:

Dear Hens, Roosters, Chicks and Chicklets,

Greetings and Salutations from the Coop Family!

Mother Hen is forced to must is pleased to share all of 2011’s disasters events blessings with all of you.

This summer Father Rooster finally repaired the coop roof. After years of months of crowing up there, he finally noticed that there was a pile of lot of few shingles that needed to be replaced. It was a good thing too since we were really close to having a deluge a flood some leaks in the corn bin, which would have been catastrophic disastrous a problem.

Missy Hen has made many questionable  interesting terrific new friends at Cornfield Junior High, where she is majoring in feather-fluffing egg-dying agricultural studies. Her new boyfriend, Peck, is a juvenile delinquent punk delightful young rooster who sports many curious tattoos is very creative.

Junior Rooster spent a great deal of time in detention competing on the chess team until he got kicked off. He is a hyperactive energetic young chick who drives us crazy keeps us busy keeps things lively around the coop! He recently received a most unexpected Good Egg Award from Chicken Little Memorial Elementary School which made us extremely surprised quite relieved very proud.

Naturally, Mother Hen has been kept busy laying eggs and writing her world-famous well known modestly successful blog. Mother Hen’s Nest. Her hobbies include knitting egg-cozies and attending hen sessions with “the girls.”

Remember to thank a chicken when you enjoy your eggnog this holiday season, and have a very Fluffy Christmas and a Crowingly Good New Year!

The Coop Family

There you have it! Mother Hen is so thrilled that she got that whole thing out of the way, she is going to have a celebratory cola and bag of popcorn now!


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