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Cooptown Chickens

Cooptown Chickens

The Cooptown chickens sing this song

No eggs! No eggs!

Ah, the Cooptown yard is one barn long

Not layin’ eggs today!

Goin’ to cluck all night, goin’ to cluck all day,

Well if Farmer Brown won’t give us more

These chickens ain’t gonna lay!


The Cooptown roosters sing this song

No fair! No fair!

Ah, the Cooptown roofs they need repair

‘Cause they leak today!

Goin’ to crow all night, goin’ to crow all day,

We’ll drive the Browns around the bend

Just so they won’t delay!


Well, our union, the Chickens and Roosters Of the World (CROW) is at it again: fighting for the rights of everyday hens! We will not be taken for granted!

The cry has been raised! More yard! Patched roofs! Better feed!

As usual, Mother Hen is out there in the thick of things, handing out picket signs and rallying the troops.  Management (that would be Farmer Brown and company) refuses to budge on our reasonable demands, but wait until they listen to crowing and cackling 24/7! Then they will come to the bargaining trough soon enough!

What’s that? A lockout? He wouldn’t d… Oh, poop! This is Mother Hen, reporting live (and kicking) from the scene of the strike, heading out to check on new developments in the CROW strike at Farmer Brown’s.


Mother Hen Brings in 2012!

Mother Hen wishes all of her chicks the happiest New Year in 2012!

Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve watching the egg drop on New Year’s Clucking Eve with Ryan Seagull and Dick Bark! Apparently Lady BaBa was on in a scandalous outfit with almost no wool (as expected) and Justin Beaver thrilled all the little chicklets by touching their itty-bitty wings with his paw. What a young heartbreaker he is, and Canadian too! Ahh, if Mother Hen was still a wee chick…

MH is glad all the Coop Family are safe and warm in the coop, as the first serious snowstorm of the season has arrived. For those of you living in sunnier climes, this means that if you go outside without a heavy jacket on your will lose half your feathers and be covered in gooseflesh! Have you ever been in a walk-in freezer? Add a large fan throwing ice pellets at your beak, and you are starting to get the idea.

MH can just barely make out where the barn is when she looks out the coop window because of all the blowing snow. It is a good day to stay home, pop some corn, and have some hot chocolate or tea.

Mother Hen Faces Christmas


Mother Hen has just realized that there are 10 more days until the big jolly fat guy gets stuck trying to get in the coop door! (No, she does not mean Father Rooster – she can hear you snickering out there people!)

Next to Easter, this is the busiest time of the year for the BUDS (Bunnies United Delivery Service) and boy, do they get cranky about now! If you have never tried to ship a package with a disgruntled rabbit, folks, it can get pretty ugly. Most of the farm animals keep a few carrots around for tipping, but everyone knows bunnies prefer chocolate.

Mother Hen has made her list and is checking it twice.

Father Rooster                                  Alarm Clock

Missy Hen                                          Feather Fluffer

Junior Rooster                                  Hungry, Hungry Hoggies game

Great-Aunt Henrietta                      Feather Duster

Farmer Brown                                  Bottle of Corn Liquor

Mrs. Farmer Brown                         Eau de Niblets Cologne

Santa Claws                                      Milk from Mrs. Bossie and popcorn


For those of you who are asking the burning question, “What do chickens put out for Santa instead of stockings?” Mother Hen has a simple answer. Rubber boots, of course! What do you think we wear when the farmyard gets mucky? (And believe MH, after the cow and the horse and the pig family have been out there, a chicken could use a pair of hip-waders, if you know what Mother means!)

If Mother Hen doesn’t get time to peck the keyboard again during this holiday season, which seems likely, she would like to wish all her loyal chicks, people and other assorted animal readers a blessed and merry Christmas, and all the best for the coming year!

Mother Hen Manages the World Economy

Mother Hen has always advocated for good household management, especially when it comes to financial matters, which is why it is time for her to turn her attention to the world’s current economic woes. There are rules that govern the Coop Family’s budget that certain countries like Grease, Spam, Ironland , and even the good ol’ US of A could learn from.

Here we go!

Don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched.

Basically, if you ain’t got it yet, you ain’t got it. No guessing, no hoping, no borrowing the neighbors’ chicks to make it look good to Farmer Brown or anyone else. That’s how overpopulation happens, but that’s another kettle of fish. Sooner or later you have to give those chicks back, and then look how much feed it’s going to cost you!

 Always keep a nest egg, and add to it every week.

Oh, it’s always tempting to have company for dinner and show off your best bib and tucker, but if you eat all your feed in the fall, what is going to keep you through the winter? Just one visit from Mr. & Mrs. Hogg may provide you with a hop up that social ladder, but expensive! Always keep some aside, just in case.

Or in other words, if you want to keep the wolf from the door, you’d better not entertain pigs!

 Be careful when you feather your nest.

Dear ones, no one loves a comfy coop like Mother Hen! Let’s face it, feather pillows, feather quilts, feather boas…she adores them all.

The problem is that you still have to cover your butt, people. Nothing says poverty like a straggly-looking hen with gooseflesh hanging out. It gets mighty cold in the winter when your backside is bare!

Don’t be so busy struttin’ your stuff that you run out of stuffing to strut with!

  Do more than just scratch out a living.

If you are just bringing in enough to get by, you aren’t bringing in enough to get by! Find ways to haul in more, for heaven’s sake!  For instance, Father Rooster has a second job as the school alarm. Mother Hen thanks to her unique, specialized and remarkable abilities is a part-time writer, and that’s not just chickenfeed, folks. (Okay it is, but it shouldn’t be!)

All those You’reAPeein’ countries need to shake a tail feather and get their rears in gear! Even the Americans need to quite singing Yankee Doodle Dandee, stick a feather in their caps, and coop-erate, for heaven’s sake, before all their chickens come home to roost, since their rafters are full already!


This has been a public service announcement from Mother Hen’s Nest.


Minutes of the Coop Improvement Association (CIA) Meeting

Coop Improvement Association (CIA)




9:00 AM

Farmer Brown’s Barnyard
Meeting called by Henny Penny  
Type of meeting Hen Session  
Facilitator Chickie Feathers  
Note taker Mother Hen  
Egg Timer Zelda Cluck  
Attendees Everyone Else  

Agenda topics


10  Minutes

Sky Falling

Henny Penny
Discussion Ms. Feathers notes that the sky is still in the same place as yesterday. Ms.  
Penny describes again her vision of the heavens collapsing, crushing all chickens underneath. Ms. Penny moves to  
construct underground shelters . Seconded by Ms. Scraper. Ms. Feathers says chickens are not rabbits.  
Conclusions Motion defeated. Motion made by Ms. Hen that a committee be struck to explore the  
feasibility of scratching out a burrow or two, to be chaired by Ms. Penny, and consisting of Ms. Scraper, Elly  
Egglayer and Bridie Bird. Seconded by Ms. Penny. Motion carried.  
Action items Person responsible Deadline  
Inquiries to be made as to hiring BUDS Bunnies Excavation Inc. Susie Scraper Whenever  
Weather patterns to be charted Bridie Bird Soon  

10 minutes

Egg Production

Elly Egglayer
Discussion Ms. Egglayer relays her concerns that egg production rates are way down from the    
previous summer. Corneilia  Chickenwire challenges Ms. Egglayer’s statistics, claiming that in her coop egglaying is  
up 21 %. Kerfuffle ensues. Mother Hen moves that new statistics be compiled, seconded by Ms. Chickenwire.  
Conclusions Motion carried. Committee struck to track and record egg production, chaired  
by Mother Hen to include Ms. Egglayer and Ms. Chickenwire. Motion passes, and condolences go to Ms. Hen.  
Ms. Penny suggests that Mrs. Farmer Brown may have accurate numbers, but she is squawked down.  
Action items Person responsible Deadline  
Check with Mrs. Brown anyway Henny Penny Right Away  
Egg production to be charted Corneilia Chickenwire Next Meeting  

10 minutes

CaCA Removal

Mother Hen
Discussion Ms. Hen claims that the coop area stinks, particularly the coop of a newlywed 
chick who does not understand the rules of caca management. JoJo Jumper objects to this insinuation,
suggesting that the caca of hens of a certain vintage stink more than that of youthful chickens. Bedlam ensues.
Conclusions Ms. Penny restores order, and moves that a committee be struck 
to promote coop maintenance and hygiene. Seconded by Ms. Hen, who offers to chair said committee.
Ms. Jumper objects.  Motion passed anyway.
Action items Person responsible Deadline
Post rules of coop maintenance Mother Hen ASAP
Post rules for caca removal Mother Hen Ditto

1 minute

motion to adjourn

JoJo Jumper
Discussion Ms. Jumper makes a motion to adjourn, or at least “end this crappy meeting.”
Zelda Cluck is tired of turning the egg timer, so she seconds the motion.  Motioned passed, Ms. Hen abstains
because she wants to talk more. Motion passed.  Someone wakes up Ms. Feathers and the meeting is adjourned.

Mother Hen Sets the World to Rights. You’re Welcome.

Mother Hen worries a lot, as mother hens tend to do.

Will Father Rooster get up in time to wake up the farm? Will Missy Hen quit flirting with all the young roosters long enough to graduate? Did Junior take off his football helmet before he went to bed?

Unlike most chickens, though, Mother Hen worries about the state of the world too.

Is climate change going to fry all the world’s chickens? Will the uncertainty of the global economy destroy Mother Hen’s nest egg?  Will Republicans and Democrats quit playing “chicken” with the financial future of the United States?

If everyone simply listened to Mother Hen, this would be a better world.

“Oh, really?” you say, only because you are not yet fully acquainted with the depth and power of MH’s years of accumulated wisdom.

Yes, really.

Father Rooster needs to set his clock radio that Mother H. generously got him for his Hatching Day present.

Missy Hen should wear her glasses so she can use her eyes for something other than eyelash-batting.

Junior Rooster, let’s face it, needs to learn self-defense before he can ever dream of playing defense.

Now, the politicians would like to have you believe that saving the world is much, much harder than running a family coop. Poppycock!!!!

Mother Hen humbly contributes the following brilliant insights.

Build around trees, not over them.  Fine for every viable tree cut down.

Give tax breaks to companies, small businesses and homes that use green energy to go off the grid, as well as companies that help everyone to produce clean energy.

Reduce insurance rates for people who regularly use public transportation.

Cut business taxes proportionally to number of new full-time hires.

Cut sales taxes on domestically produced merchandise.

Re-direct the military toward more peacekeeping and disaster assistance. Acts of aggression, towards any country or one’s own citizens, is to be met with pre-established UN protocols and discipline, including suspension of participation in international organizations.

Suspend or reduce salaries of congress and senate first if US government funding is cut off, with salary and bonuses tied to domestic prosperity indexes.

Personal taxes should be geared to income.  If you have money and property, you contribute. If you don’t, you get a break. There are enough natural incentives to pursue financial success without penalizing the poor for being poor and rewarding the rich further for being rich. This is not communism, folks, for Pete’s sake! This is The Golden Rule. Mother Hen has spoken!

So, there are just a few kernels of wisdom from Mother Hen’s plentiful silo.

It is high time more politicians put MH on speed dial.

The Latest Fashion in Chicken Wear!

As everyone knows, Mother Hen is not only the world’s foremost typing chicken, she is also a style icon among the poultry set. MH prides herself on staying abreast of the most recent couture for hens, so imagine how thrilled she was to discover HenSaver, which bills (yes, ducks can wear them too!) itself as “The Leader in Chicken Saddles.”

Don’t let the name fool you now: while the Chicken Saddle does have some practical applications, it is also known as a Hen Apron, and comes in variety of styles, sizes and colors! There is a particularly fetching camouflage version which should be all the rage among well-dressed roosters this season.

For those of you ladies who need a bit more support (you know who you are!) there is the Birdy Bra, a type of Crop Bra/Chest Protector that lifts (but does not separate). The Birdy Bra can guard against pecking as well, assists with certain chicken digestive conditions, and comes in four fashionable shades. There is even a Sherpa lining available, darlings! Again, roosters and other fowl will love them too. If you are one of those poor unfortunates at the bottom of the pecking order, this little number will give your social status (as well as your breast) a little boost.

Now, on a more sensitive note, for chickens and roosters with…ahem…incontinence problems, and indoor pet chickens (imagine!), there is the Hen Holster, which is an attractive combined harness/diaper combo.  No one will ever know that you are sporting that fetching little red bandana in case of oopsies!

There is even a sporty little add-on with owl-eye circles for the chicken who prefers a casual look.

When you see a gorgeous chick strutting around in a HenSaver ensemble, remember that you saw it here at Mother Hen’s Nest first! Toodle-oo, chickies!

This is an unsolicited endorsement by Mother Hen. Product may not be exactly as illustrated.

Mother Hen Goes Out On a Limb

(Or Animal Farm, Part 2)

When one is taking a chance, one is said to be “going out on a limb.”

When one is faced with delivering an ultimatum, it is wise to stay, shall we say, out of harm’s way

Being no dummy, then, MH chose to go out on a limb both literally and metaphorically when the tyrant Farmer Brown, rather than negotiate in good faith with the farm’s striking animals, chose instead to play hardball. As the representative of the combined Chickens & Roosters of the World (CROW) and United Animal Workers (UAW) unions, Mother Hen was charged with delivering the bad news.

“What are ya doin’ up there, Mama Hen?”

“Shhh, Junior! Your mother is trying to be important.”

“Let us never forget that we are comrades united in a noble struggle to assert the dignity of domesticated creatures. We shall not be divided! No matter what comes, we shall never, ever allow management to turn animal against animal, cows against pigs or pigs against poultry. Especially not cows or pigs against poultry.”

“What’s she sayin’? I got mud in my ear.”

“Somethin’  about cows n’ pigs bein’ against poultry, Mz.  Hog.”

“Unfortunately, Farmer Brown does not appreciate us, or acknowledge our reasonable demands, never mind our unreasonable demands.”

“Down with Brown! Down with Brown! Down with Brown!”

“He has said no to a democratic council of elected animals! “

“Bahhed Farmer!”

“He has said no to air-conditioning in the workplace!”

Whaat a quack!”

“And he has said no to improved feed…”

“Mooo-re grain!”

“and-in-fact-he-says-no-food-get-back-to-work-or-starve-so-there’s-a-motion-to-end-the-strike-Father-Rooster-seconds-the-motion-all-in-favor-carried. Bye!”

“Hay, where’d she go?”

“Come bahh-ck you coward! “

“Mother Hen is a chicken chicken!”

“I moo-ve Mother Hen be re-mooved from leadership!”

As she was mentioning, Mother Hen is no dummy, so she retreated to the coop to lay as many eggs as possible so Farmer Brown will fill the corn bin. After all, she has a lot of little beaks to feed.

If you come around, knock to the beat of the Chicken Dance so she will know it is safe to unbarricade the door.

Animal Farm, Mother Hen Style

We did it! Chickens and Roosters of the World (CROW) and United Animal Workers (UAW) have joined forces to overthrow the tyrannical despot, Farmer Brown, and replace his rule with a democratic council of elected animals. (Failing that, we’ll settle for air-conditioning in the workplace and a higher grade of feed, but don’t tell the brutal dictator that! Thanks!) Naturally Mother Hen is strike coordinator, so she put together a little ditty for the striking workers.

Animal Solidarity Fight Song

(C’mon, sing it out loud! You know you want to.)

Farmer Brown, he had a farm,

(Animals on strike)

But Mother Hen raised the alarm.

(Animals on strike)

With a picket here, and a picket there,

Here a piglet, there a picket,

Everywhere a piglet picket,

Farmer Brown once ruled the farm,

(Animals on strike)


All you ducks, now make some noise,

(‘Cause you are on strike)

Act like you are duck decoys,

(‘Cause you are on strike)

With a quack quack here and a flap flap there

Here a duck there a duck

Everywhere a duck amok

Face the tyrant who employs.

He we will out-psych!


Hey you chicks, get off your duffs

(Act like you’re on strike!)

Raise a racket, stir up fluffs,

(Hey hens, you’re on strike!)

With a cluck cluck here, and some raw eggs there,

Throw a couple, lay a couple,

Everybody on the double!

Brown come closer if you dare!

(Face the chicks on strike)


Cows, go poop on Farmer’s lane

(Show him we’re on strike!)

Mark his yard as our domain.

(Aim for his dirt bike.)

With a moo moo here and some poo poo there

Here’s some poop, there’s some poop,

Everywhere there’s poop goop.

Join us in our grand campaign!

(Animals on strike!)




Mother Hen Buys the Farm

When Mother Hen wins the lottery (which seems to be difficult if one does not play), life at the farm will change for the better, you betcha!

She doesn’t know if you, dear readers, are aware that when one owns a farm, that makes you the boss. Yes, really! Farmer Brown figures that just because it is his farm he can run it however he pleases. Chickensh…Horse Manure!

When Mother Hen owns the farm, things will be different!

Top Ten Reasons the Farm Will Rock With Mother Hen in Charge

10. Mother Hen will be in charge. That rocks!

9. Dogs and other wolves will be on restraining orders and restraining leashes at all times.

8. A non-violence clause will be added to every cat’s contract.

7. Pigs will be required to keep a clean sty and learn to fly.

6. Coops will be professionally decorated immediately after they are professionally built.

5. There will be movie nights every Friday, with free popcorn for all.

4. Three new gliders would be purchased so chickens could soar like eagles.

3. Two widescreen TVs with satellite will be added to the barn so everyone can watch Animal Planet.

2. All animals will be paid according to weight, say about $2.99 a pound.

1. Big shiny transport trucks are to be completely banned from the farm. No animals will be forced to leave the farm EVER!!!!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Now imagine how cool the world would be with Mother Hen in charge! Well, a chicken can dream, can’t she?

Now, all Mother H. needs to do is to find a lottery ticket somewhere.