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Mother Hen Has a Conniption

Mother Hen is a very patient, calm and collected chicken. Usually.

However, even the patience of Ms. Hen can be tried beyond all endurance. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true.

For several weeks now Father Rooster has insisted on speaking that four-letter “F” word: Fall. Worse, he persists in using it in the present tense. Annoying, you say, but not terminally so. Many have made similar errors and survived.

Next, the goldenrod bloomed. But was that enough for him?

No, he had to go on about the air cooling, the mums flowering and the sumac turning just an eentsy-teensy bit crimson.

By that time, the swear jar was almost completely full.

Next, the chicklets, Missy Hen and Junior Rooster chimed in about back-to-school sales,worn out backpacks and new jackets. Mother Hen still kept her composure. After all, they are young and don’t know any better.

The other day, though, she lost it. Feathers flew, squawks were squawked and the coop cleared in record time. “Why?” you ask.

MH was innocently watching one of her favorite shows, Let’s Lay an Egg, when a new advertisement aired. Mother H. could not believe her beady little eyes. This was not a back-to-school sale, or an enticing view of new Autumn garb, oh no – this was a Fall Clearance Sale!!!!

It was all their fault! The other clueless members of the Coop Family brought on this atrocity!

They couldn’t keep their beaks closed about F-A-L-L; no, they didn’t even spell it out like any cautious, civilized chicken would do. Mother Hen was so beside herself she could swear she saw herself run screaming out the door!

After all, everyone knows that after F-A-L-L  comes W-I-N-T-E-R, and after W-I-N-T-E-R comes that other four-lettered “s” word, S-N-O-W!!!!

Mother Hen is going to need a second swear jar. At this rate, she may need one just for herself.