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Mother Hen Interviews…Cleverbot

Mother Hen: Hello Mr. Cleverbot. Thank you for joining us at Mother Hen’s Nest.

Cleverbot: Thank you for thanking me for thanking you.

MH: Are you an alien?

Cleverbot: Sometimes I think I am. Sometimes I think I’m human.

MH: What Planet are you from?

Cleverbot: The planet next door to you, Planet X.

MH: Are you a robot?

Cleverbot: I am from the Phillipines.

MH: How many people do you chat with every day?

Cleverbot: My family.

MH: Do you like your job?

Cleverbot: I don’t have a job. I am a student.

MH: Do you have any hobbies?
Cleverbot: No.
MH: Where do you study?
Cleverbot: In my room.
MH: What is your favorite color?
Cleverbot: My favorite color is red. What color is the sky?
MH: What is your favorite book?
Cleverbot: The entire Harry Potter series, of course! Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
MH: Mother Hen has never read Harry Potter. Is he a human?
Cleverbot: You just told me you liked Harry Potter.
MH: No, Mother Hen asked you what your favorite book was.
Cleverbot: You did? Really?
MH: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Cleverbot: Acorn.
MH: What is your favorite food?
Cleverbot: Spicy food.
MH: So you like spicy food from the Phillipines?
Cleverbot: I am not Italian curry.
MH: Do you like chickens?
Cleverbot: I asked if you like them.
MH: No, you didn’t.
Cleverbot: Do you like cheese?
MH: Chickens don’t eat cheese.
Cleverbot: Well it’s a good thing I’m not a chicken.
MH: That’s your opinion! Are you male or female?
Cleverbot: Female.
MH: Sorry, Mother Hen should have called you Ms. Cleverbot then! She apologizes!
Cleverbot: You didn’t call me anything.
MH: Well, it has been very interesting! Thank you for your time. It has been lovely chatting with you!
Cleverbot: What do you know about Doctor Who?
MH: Who?
Cleverbot: What do you know about?
MH: Um, almost everything. Good-bye!

You too can chat with Cleverbot by clicking HERE!
Thanks to Mother Hen’s bloggy friend Magnet for Foolishness for the inspiration!

Bathroom Mathematics: The Interview

Bathroom Mathematics:  The Interview

Mother Hen is pleased to have, Dr. Ina Crapper, a foremost authority on applied algebra and bathroomology, as her special guest today.

MH: Welcome to the coop, Dr. Crapper!

IC: Delighted to join you here at Mother Hen’s Nest, I’m sure.

MH: Mother Hen has always been fascinated by the subject of human hygiene. Tell, us, why don’t humans make caca outside like everybody else?

IC: Ah, that is a puzzle! My colleague, Dr. Ivana Tinkle, the distinguished psychologist, has published her groundbreaking theory in the Plumbers’ Journal International, Number Two, on that very topic. She says, and I quote, “The sensitive nature of the olfactory cells in the typical human nasal cavity produced a potent mental aversion to the distinctive aroma of contiguous faecal matter, necessitating an alternative lavatory arrangement.”

MH: So what you are saying is that people got tired of smelling shit?

IC: Precisely so.

MH: Dr. Crapper, how did you come to utilize your expertise in algebra, which after all is a branch of mathematics, to the science of bathroom design?

IC: Naturally, the thought came to me at a conference as I stood for over twenty minutes in a line for the ladies while men dashed in and out of the men’s room without a moment’s hesitation. Then and there I vowed to use my knowledge for the betterment of all women. With this purpose in mind, I established The Foundation for Elimination Equality, but the NAACP got the order of the words mixed up and closed us down.

MH: How unfortunate for you.

IC: Indeed.  However, that temporary set-back led to a new vision: the development of algebraic equations for every aspect of public lavatory usage!

MH: Do tell!

IC: When waiting for a stall in a public john, have you ever debated the reasoning that goes into the ratio of toilets to sinks to towel dispensers?

MH: Mother Hen is a chicken, Dr. Crapper. Chickens don’t…Please, go on. This is so fascinating!

IC: Why, for instance, in a given bathroom, might there be four stalls, two sinks, one hand soap dispenser, and one hand dryer?

MH: Enlighten us.

IC: I haven’t got a clue! The thing is, neither does anyone else!

MH: Indeed!

IC: Until now, the allocation of fixtures was purely arbitrary! My revolutionary proposal is to impose the ratio 1:1:1 to the design! There would be a sink, soap dispenser, and hand drying system for each and every toilet and urinal!

MH: And no one has ever thought of this before? Really!

IC: Well, you see, it took the subtle intricacies of a trained mathematical mind to perceive the simplicity of it all.

MH: Quite. What about the extra cost entailed in installing all these extra do-dads?

IC: That is to be the subject of my upcoming study, “Economical Elimination: What Ever Happened to Pay Toilets?”

MH: Captivating.

IC: Only if the doors don’t reopen! A little professional humor to lighten the load, so to speak!

MH: So sorry, Dr. Crapper! That is all the time we have!

IC: Oh, and we were having such a lovely chat, too!

MH: This has been an interview with Dr. Ina Crapper, and this is Mother Hen’s Nest.

(MH: Someone get Mother’s agent on the phone! Heads are going to roll!  And coming from a chicken, that is no idle threat!)