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The Upcoming Nuptials: Mother Hen’s Take on the Royal Wedding

There once was a lady named Kate

Whose Prince finally set the big date

She kissed him and then

Said “I do “and “Amen”

And she now has a frog for a mate.


Oh, Mother Hen loves a limerick almost as much as a royal wedding! She hasn’t been so chuffed[i] since Princess Di married what’s-his-name…the one with the big ears and the mistress.

Mind you, MH has had a dickens of a time keeping up. There are Will & Kate specials at all hours on the telly[ii].  One can hardly get to the loo[iii] and back without missing some minute detail about what Diana’s flower girl’s nanny thinks about the dress that Kate theoretically possibly maybe could wear.

One magazine with royal photos is hardly in the dustbin[iv] before the postman shoves ten more in the letter box[v], or Mrs. Farmer Brown brings another back from the newsagent[vi].

Anyway, Mother Hen has her smartest[vii] dress ready for the ceremony, her lovely hat is at the ready in her chest of drawers[viii], and a brand new Union Jack[ix] will wave from her wing. Since her invitation failed to arrive on time, MH will have to content herself with viewing the live broadcast. Pity!

Will Will & Kate live happily ever after, or make a complete dog’s breakfast[x] out of this marriage thing like his parents? Mother Hen thinks that Will seems like a decent bloke and Kate a bonny lass, so they seem unlikely to put paid[xi] to their relationship. Really, they seem a jolly couple. No, MH supposes it should all be tickety-boo[xii] from here.

Now, if you will please excuse Mother H., she is ready for a tea-break. She saved some lovely scones to go along with her cuppa[xiii], and she’s feeling a bit peckish[xiv] (which seems especially appropriate for a chicken, don’t you think?).


Mother Hen would like to express her appreciation to The Septic’s Companion: a British slang dictionary for being a reference for this post. Any mistakes or misused terms are MH’s responsibility.

[i] happy; pleased

[ii] TV

[iii] washroom

[iv] garbage; trashcan

[v] mail slot

[vi] newspaper stand; corner store

[vii] most attractive (relates to clothing or appearance in general)

[viii] dresser

[ix] British flag

[x] mess

[xi] put an end to

[xii] going well; in a good state

[xiii] cup of tea

[xiv] hungry