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Rumors and Conspiracy Theories Mother Hen Would Like to Start

It seems as if every time Mother Hen turns around and she turns around quite a bit (in order to stay comfy on her nest), there is some wingnut out there promoting some ridiculous rumor about President Mr. Obama’s faith/birthplace/education or how you can buy a penguin online. Mother doesn’t like to brag, but you won’t catch chickens buying that nonsense! Nope! It’s people every time.

Mother H. finds herself tempted to test the true gullibility capacity of the human race by starting a few whoppers of her own. After all, what else does a chicken have to do on a Saturday night? 

Here are a few rumors and/or conspiracy theories that Mother would like to make the rounds, if in fact she would do such a nefarious thing, which of course she would never well it is highly unlikely …which you never heard here.

  • Hillary Clinton is just in it for the frequent flyer points.
  • Has anyone seen Sarah Palin’s high school diploma? Anyone?
  • Terrorists are planning to turn off Niagara Falls. 
  • Eating moldy cheese will cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Wind turbines are really mind control devices. Don’t look at them directly, and you will be okay!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning to crown himself Emperor of California just as soon as an earthquake causes the state to separate from the US mainland.
  • Guantanamo Bay prisons are really faked by Castro to make Americans look bad.
  • Glen Beck is an illegal alien…from Mars.
  •  Stephen Colbert posts on Twitter are encoded messages to Vladimir Putin. 
  • Email Mother Hen’s URL to 100 of your closest friends or your computer will blow up! (Remember, that’s

As a further public service, Mother H. would like to remind people that all rumors, conspiracy theories, chain emails, urban legends, and appeals for donations can be checked out at

Please, for the sake of all that is rational, before you pass along any shocking, heart-rending, or politically/racially/religiously controversial reports, go see the good folks at Snopes who strive to investigate every story that is kicking around and determine if it is true, false, or a bit from both camps. Mother Hen’s inbox will thank you!

Now for something completely different, but hilarious! Mother Hen says watch this video!


Don’t Step on Her Freedoms, and Mother Hen Won’t Step on Yours

All the people with their tail-feathers in a twist over the Muslim building in NYC are missing something that’s as clear as the beak on Mother Hen’s head.

When you limit someone else’s freedom, you automatically limit your own.

If Muslims are not allowed to place a building anywhere in the vicinity of 9/11’s Ground Zero, then logically no Christian structures should exist in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. (Mother has it on good authority [those house cats again] that the US made some very big ka-booms happen in those places.)

If Muslim girls are forbidden to wear headscarves in schools, as Mother H has heard is happening somewhere over the big pond in a place called Your Rope, then you can bet your nest eggs that soon no students there will be allowed to wear crosses or Stars of David around their necks.

Conversely, when you insist on freedom for yourself, you extend that same freedom to everyone else.

If the Ten Commandments were in public buildings, then verses from the Koran should be displayed as well.

If the Lord’s Prayer were to be reinstated in public schools, then Buddhist chants would be acceptable too.

Mother Hen holds these truths to be self-evident.

Don’t give her any nonsense about the nation’s traditions and culture being exclusively Christian either, because that is a pile of cow droppings.  The first freedom established in the USA was the freedom of religion, and that is the nation’s heritage.

You can’t have it both ways, people. Either everyone is free to practice their religion anywhere in the country, or everyone is going to have to accept the same limitations. Yes, that means you too.

That would mean that if Mother Hen thinks your church is too close to her sacred cows, you might have to move your church. Now wouldn’t that cause a squawk! Of course it would, because it just plain wouldn’t be fair!

Limiting people’s actions because of their religious beliefs is a practice that reeks of bigotry and prejudice in the same way Farmer Brown’s pig farm reeks of sweet country air.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Mother Hen has spoken.