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Junior Rooster Makes the Grade

Well, maybe the sky has fallen after all.

After nine weeks, three days of school and six hours, 12 minutes of detention this year, Junior Rooster has had a good day of school. That is five and a half straight hours of proper behavior, people! Let the celebrations begin!

The school even sent home (see Exhibit A, above) a certificate to mark this momentous occasion: a real, honest-to-goodness Chicken Little Memorial Elementary School official award! Junior Rooster wants to post it on the side of the corn bin for everyone to see, but Mother Hen may have to put it under her nest for safe-keeping so she can show her grandchickies someday. Otherwise they may not believe it.Dang, otherwise Mother Hen may not believe it!

When his beaming parents asked Junior what he would like for a treat in recognition of his achievement, he requested a family movie and popcorn night with the hit movie Vampire Chickens Strike Again. Normally MH would veto such an inappropriate choice…but what the heck…an occasion like this may never come again. Mother Hen will simply have to cover her beak with her wings when the vampire chickens attack.

Perhaps, just perhaps, maybe Junior is finally coming around. Maybe he is actually listening. Maybe it will rain caramel corn tomorrow. A mother can always hope, especially when that mother is Mother Hen.

Mother Hen Meets the Press

As the world’s foremost typing chicken, Mother Hen is often called upon to act as the world’s foremost spokeschicken.

Well, sometimes she’s asked.  

All right, darn it, there’s a first time for everything!

In this capacity, Mother Hen has carefully prepared a press release, to address a crisis of international proportions. In fact, she is positive it is the most articulate piece of journalism ever produced within the duration of a kitchen egg-timer.


Good evening, ladies, gentlemen and barbaric carnivores!

Mother Hen perches here today as the appointed ambassador of the Chickens and Roosters of the World (CROW), to share with you our deepest concern about the vicious massacre occurring on our planet today.

You mean General Moammar Gadhafi’s brutal attacks on rebel forces in Libya?


The ruthless reprisals against demonstrators in Syria by President Bashar al-Assad then?

Do I look like Anderson Cooper to you, mister? Huh?

Are you a secret agent from the KFC? No? Are you sure? Okay then!

To resume… deepest concern…ruthless massacre…oh, yes…

While the sisterhood and brotherhood of CROW thoroughly appreciate your patronage of their egg-laying industry, which employs billions of chickens worldwide…yes, thank you the lady applauding in the back…from Slavonian Dwarf Naked Neck Chickens of Croatia to the Manx Rumpy Chickens of Iran even to the Bawu Hawu Chickens of New Zealand…

Get to the point, Chicken!

How rude!

The point, Ma’am, is that horrible, unspeakable acts are being committed against chickens daily and it is time for the poultry of the world to be heard!

Do you know what they mean by stuffing, dear people of the press? Have you heard? The indignity!!!

Did you realize that while there is no such thing as “chicken balls,” (since chickens are female –duh!), in fact the … how does one put this delicately… the family jewels of roosters are routinely eaten in East Asia?

Are you serious?

Yes, it’s true! Even we of the fairer sex shudder at the thought of all those poor Chinese roosters wandering around without the proper equipment. Gentlemen, it must positively make your feathers fall out!

Lastly, did you know that “chicken wings” are really…yes, really…the wings of chickens? Shocking! Even though chickens are technically flightless birds, it is a travesty that somewhere out there a farm exists full of amputee chickens bravely learning to live with prosthetic limbs!

So, people of the world, now that you are aware of these tragic circumstances, surely you will join the chickens and roosters of CROW in demanding change…demanding justice…for the poor, defenseless

Oh come on!

Okay, so some of them have fences. That is beside the point.

Um…for the poor, suffering poultry on this planet who desperately need your intervention to end their misery…

For calling this stupid press conference, we can end your misery anytime now, chicken!

Sir! Stand back, sir! Security!

Hey! Where are the rest of all you media types going? You will miss the glorious conclusion!

This concludes today’s momentous announcement from Mother Hen, representing the Chickens and Roosters of the World (CROW). Mother Hen urges all people of goodwill to wear a chicken feather this coming week to show solidarity with CROW in its fight to end cruelty against poultry.