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Mother Hen Counts Her Blessings

Mother Hen here, keeping the Canadian Thanksgiving (like the truly patriotic chicken that she is) by being thankful. You’re welcome!

Mother Hen is thankful that:

  •  she is not a turkey.
  •  the chicks and their families have come home to Mother’s nest
  • and will be heading back home shortly. One can have too much of a good thing after all.
  •  Father Rooster can still crow in the morning (or afternoon) (or evening) (or whenever).
  •  the truce with the house cats is still holding. Not only do they make bad enemies, as allies they are an amazing source of gossip strategic, top secret intelligence. (Does that make them ally cats?)
  • her coop has a roof, walls, and central heating
  • and satellite TV, courtesy of Farmer Brown (whether he knows it or not)
  • the corn fairy still fills up the bin
  • she has kept her youthful good looks (without a wing lift, she might add!)
  • and can still do a pretty mean chicken dance when occasion demands it.
  •  the San Diego chicken is alive and well (and one of Canada’s own! Take that, Padres!)
  • Winter is still more than 60 days away – technically.
  • the leaves are such pretty colors in fall, and you don’t have to smoke anything funny to see them!
  • chickens don’t have lips – so MH never has to buy Chapstick.
  • vegetarians.
  • Mother Hen is still the world’s foremost typing chicken, last time she bothered to check.
  • Jack Sparrow is back! (Bonus: He is still named after a bird. Way to rock it, Jacko!)
  • you have read her whole blog – and told all your friends how wonderful Mother Hen is! Well you were just about to, right? Same thing!